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Oxygen Forensic Detective


The all-in-one digital forensic solution.


The features, tools, and capabilities of Oxygen Forensic® Detective offer more than any digital forensic product on the market. Get more from the cloud with over 100 supported services and extract data from over 40,000 app versions.



Extract more cloud services than any other digital forensic tool on the market. Gain access to popular cloud services like WhatsApp, Telegram, iCloud, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Extract data from over 31,000 devices. Oxygen Forensic® Detective supports a wide range of Apple iOS and Android devices.



Extract and analyze drone data from physical dumps, drone logs, and mobile applications.


loT Devices

Extract and analyze data from the most popular IoT devices: Amazon, Alexa, and Google Home.



Extract and analyze data from Windows, Linux, and macOS. Oxygen Forensic® KeyScout, available at no extra cost, finds passwords and tokens of web browsers and desktop apps.



Extract from the most popular health apps: Apple Health, Samsung Health, Huawei Health, Fitbit, and more.


Get more from locked devices.

Uncover all types of evidence, including hidden and deleted data.

Extract data from locked Android devices and perform both logical and physical extractions.


Quickly search through data.

Powerful global search capabilities.

Global search over a single device, multiple devices, an entire case, or over multiple extractions in a single interface.


Streamline your data analysis.

Included tools, at no extra cost, making your analysis quicker and more efficient.

Streamline data analysis with all entries relevant to a case in one place. Facial and image categorization, social graphing, and merge extraction features.


Need multiple connections?

Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network has all the Oxygen Forensic® Detective features included and is a cost-efficient product for organizations that need multiple connections – one USB dongle manages all of your connections.


Key Features

Oxygen Forensic® Detective is trusted by law enforcement, enterprises, and government agencies globally. Here’s why.