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Oxygen Remote Explorer

Created with your business in mind.


Created specifically for corporations and private organizations, this solution empowers users to find critical evidence quickly and completely using customizable data collection from remote workstations, cloud services, and mobile and IoT devices.



Being the leader in cloud-support, extract more cloud services than any other digital forensic tool on the market. Gain access to popular cloud services like WhatsApp, Telegram, iCloud, Google, Discord, Slack, and so much more.



Oxygen Remote Explorer supports a wide range of Apple iOS and Android devices for both physical and remote collection. It offers powerful parsing that transforms multiple types of data from multiple sources into an easier-to-analyze structure.


Remote Workstations

Extract and analyze data from Windows, Linux, and macOS. Oxygen Remote KeyScout, available at no extra cost, finds passwords and tokens of web browsers and desktop apps.


loT Devices

Extract and analyze data from the most popular IoT devices: Amazon, Alexa, and Google Home.


Make collecting data easier.

Powerful parsing that transforms multiple types of data from multiple sources

Collect data from remote computers, as well as onsite computers, mobile and IoT devices, and cloud services. Choose between scheduled or manual collection.


Built-in powerful search and analysis.

Extensive event analysis from one collection or across multiple devices in a case

Global search over a single device, multiple devices, an entire case, or over multiple extractions in a single interface.


Save your time and money.

All tools included, at no extra cost, making your analysis quicker and more efficient.

Speeds time to resolution by enabling remote and scheduled digital data collection and key evidence identification.


Key Features

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