Paraben StrongHold Faraday Bag Medium

Paraben StrongHold Faraday Bag Medium


Product Details


Paraben StrongHold bags provide wireless device protection from signals that can contaminate and potentially wipe your evidence. Paraben’s design is the only patented option to protect your wireless evidence.


Each bag is designed with multi-layer and multi-seal options that stop wireless signals from escaping the bag.


  • StrongHold Bag Size Medium: 7″ x 10″


Custom-size bags are available by contacting


What makes Faraday Bags Work?


Faraday technology, used in digital forensics, plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity of wireless devices deemed as evidence. By effectively blocking wireless signals, Faraday technology safeguards these devices from any potential tampering or data corruption. Paraben Corporation understands the need for such advanced technology to secure valuable evidence and ensure the accuracy and reliability of digital investigations.



What devices can you block signals on?


Any device that can receive a signal can technically be blocked. The StrongHold designs are typically able to block signals in almost any situation, but there are times and circumstances when they may be less effective. Signal blocking can fail if there is a direct connection to a cell tower, such as when a building has a cell tower on top of it. Another factor that can affect the effectiveness of signal blocking is poor shielding closure. To ensure the best protection, it is important to make sure all seals on the Faraday device are closed properly. Additionally, power going to the device from outside the Faraday device can cause it to have an antenna, resulting in the failure of protection. It is also crucial that the device used for shielding is not damaged, with holes in the seams or anywhere else, as this will prevent it from effectively blocking the signal. Moreover, for successful signal blocking, the device must fit 100% within the StrongHold Faraday protection and should not be too close to a tower or the origination of the signal. With our double layers, the blockage can be 97% accurate.


Will it change data on my device?


At Paraben Corporation, we ensure that the data on your device remains intact even when blocked. Our advanced technology creates a secure environment, shielding your data from potential threats and preserving its confidentiality. With our robust protection, your valuable information is safeguarded within a cone of silence, preventing any other devices from compromising its integrity. Trust Paraben Corporation to keep your data safe and secure.


StrongHold Bag


Paraben Corporation’s StrongHold bags, featuring a patented (U.S. Patent No. 7,601,921) design, are your ultimate defense against wireless signals from cell towers, wireless networks, and other signal sources that pose a threat to your digital evidence. The Wireless StrongHold Bag employs a special multi-weave material, composed of multiple metals, to deliver optimal blocking protection. Upholding the same principles, Paraben’s other StrongHold products offer multi-layered protection.