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Passware Certified Examiner Training

Passware Certified Examiner Training

Become a certified decryption expert in just a week.

Self-paced course on evidence decryption using Passware Kit Forensic.


Passware Certified Examiner (PCE) training is designed specifically for computer forensic professionals. It provides world-class knowledge and skills to analyze and decrypt encrypted electronic evidence in an easy to follow format.


This online, self-paced course provides forensic examiners with a start-to-finish education on the use of Passware Kit Forensic. During the course, students learn how to detect encrypted evidence, recover passwords for all common file types, analyze memory images, recover passwords for mobile backups, decrypt hard drives, and more.


The course consists of 16 video sessions, varying from 7 to 30 minutes each. At the end of each session, attendees take a “knowledge check” — a simple 3 to 5 question quiz. Participants in this training course may take the exam to receive a Passware Certified Examiner (PCE) designation. Prior knowledge or use of Passware Kit Forensic is not required to take this course. The training users may request a free trial version of Passware Kit Forensic to complete the course.


Course Objectives


  • Gain extensive knowledge on encrypted electronic evidence
  • Know how to locate, process, and decrypt encrypted files and disks
  • Obtain required knowledge to set up password recovery attacks and to create and use custom dictionaries
  • Discover how to maximize password recovery performance: hardware acceleration and distributed password recovery
  • Learn the best practices to achieve the maximum success rate for decryption tasks

Course Outline

  • Session 1 What is Encryption and Decryption?
  • Session 2 Standard Forensic Procedures and Decryption Best Practices
  • Session 3 Passware Kit Forensic Overview
  • Session 4 Detecting Encrypted Files
  • Session 5 Types of Attacks Available in Passware Kit Forensic
  • Sessions 6 Batch Password Recovery
  • Sessions 7 Dictionary Manager
  • Sessions 8 Hardware Acceleration & Distributed Password Recovery
  • Sessions 9 Memory Analysis
  • Sessions 10 Full Disk Encryption
  • Sessions 11 FDE: BitLocker, TrueCrypt, and VeraCrypt
  • Sessions 12 FDE: FileVault/APFS Volumes
  • Sessions 13 Mobile Device Backups and Apple Keychain
  • Sessions 14 Resetting a Windows Admin Password
  • Sessions 15 Standalone System
  • Sessions 16 Hashes