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Passware QuickBooks Key

Passware QuickBooks Key

Passware QuickBooks Key

Instant reset of Windows account and Domain Administrator passwords.


No. 1 tool for removing password protection from QuickBooks files


Passware QuickBooks Key is a fast and easy-to-use solution to remove password protection from QuickBooks databases (.QBW and .QBA).


Instant unprotection


Files are unprotected instantly, regardless of passwords used. For some QuickBooks 2019-2022 versions for Mac, brute-force method is used.


Private and secure


Your financial data stays private and secure. No need to upload your company file.


Windows & Mac versions


Works with all recent Windows versions of QuickBooks: 2024-5.0 and Enterprise versions 2024-2003. Supports QuickBooks for Mac up to version 2022.


Administrative access


Open your company file as the admin user.


Brute-force option


Instantly removes passwords or recovers them with a Brute-force option.


Easy to use


Easy to use, install, and update.



Passware QuickBooks Key common use cases


  • There is a need to open an old file that hasn’t been used for a while.
  • Employee leaves the company and many files remain protected.
  • People often forget their passwords.
  • There is a need to access important files or financial documents left behind by a family member.


Our password recovery tools have been used in high profile investigations for more than 20 years. Now available for public use!