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PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s

PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s


The PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s Professional System is the newest and the most powerful solution for recovering data from damaged HDDs with SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and SCSI based interfaces, for capacities from 18 GB to 10 TB, for file systems FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, APFS, EXT2/3/4, XFS, ReiserFS, BtrFS, VMFS, UFS1/2, ZFS, DHF4.1, WFS0.x (for video recorders) and virtual machine images.


The new generation of the PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s Professional System for recovering data from SAS and SCSI HDDs works with HDDs at the maximum possible speed – it is limited only by the speed of the HDDs. No other product recovers data from SAS and SCSI as fast and efficiently as the PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s.


The PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s is a must-have solution for companies that recover data from SAS and SCSI and want to do it with the most sophisticated tools and techniques available in the shortest time possible.


The PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s Professional System consists of the PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s hardware-software and the Data Extractor SAS software.


The PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s Controller


The new High Performance SAS controller PC-3000 SAS is a PC extension board for the PCI Express x4 bus that takes two adjacent slots which allows for working with four HDDs simultaneously.



Four independent channels provide up to a 6 Gbit/s data transfer rate for each channel according to the SAS-2.0. The data transfer speed depends on the speed of the connected drives.


Working with SATA HDD, SSD


The PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s controller allows you to connect SATA HDDs and SSD in read-write modes, test their surface, copy data, and make the image copies at maximum possible speed.


Chart performance for two SATA SSDs and two SAS SSDs


Intelligent Power Supply Unit


The PC-3000 SAS Power Supply Unit


A 4-channel Power Supply Unit is used to power the HDDs which are connected to PC-3000 Express. The Power Supply Unit protects the HDDs from overvoltage and overcurrent. In case of emergency, the HDDs will be powered off automatically. Furthermore, each channel has feedback with the PC-3000 software for monitoring the stability of +5V and +12V voltage supply and informing the user about any problems in power circuits.

The intelligent Power Supply Unit of PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s has the following features for advanced HDD diagnostic and troubleshooting:

  • The oscilloscope functionality. You can get a graph visually representing the precise information about the current power status in real time. This feature allows to perform advanced HDD diagnostic and determine the cause of failure.

Power voltage oscilloscope screen after HDD start


  • The Power Supply Unit is equipped with a sound speaker which signals about the PC power supply unit failure or HDD overcurrent. Triggered protection system turns off the voltage on the corresponding channel.


Resource Management of the PC-3000 SAS board

The PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s allows to launch the PC-3000 utility and Data Extractor tasks as separate OS processes. The “PC-3000 SAS Resource manager” software makes using the PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s very easy and effective. It manages port and related process activity, controls the status of the ports, checks process conditions and kills processes if necessary. Once a process is started it can use any of the available ports on the PC-3000 SAS board. For instance, four processes can be used for every port or one process can use four ports etc.

The process of port selection for the PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s


The PC-3000 SAS Resource manager


PC-3000 SAS Kit:

PC-3000 SAS Kit

  • PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s controller – 1 pc
  • SAS SFF-8482/SATA/Molex (100cm) cable – 4 pcs
  • HDD SCSI (50 cm) power cable – 4 pcs
  • PC-3000 SAS software – 1 Flash drive
  • User manual – 1 book