PCIe Gen2 Test Cards

PCIe Gen2 Test Cards


For Troubleshooting and Testing PCIe slots


  • Verify the transmission speed, stability and voltage of your PCIe slot.
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and load test the PCIe I/O functionality of your PC.
  • For use with compatible PassMark testing software (see below).


Complete diagnostic solution for PCIe slots

Quick, on-board visual indication


By simply plugging in the card, and powering up, you can quickly confirm if the PCIe slot is correctly powered by way of dedicated indicator LEDs for each power pin on the PCIe connector.


Measure the voltage of the PCIe slot (12V, 3.3V and 3.3Vaux) power rails


Measure the 12V and 5V lines directly from your PSU’s 4-pin Molex or SATA power connector


‘Power Fail’ LEDs paired with voltage sampling indicate whether the voltages are outside of PCIe/ATX power spec without running any software


In-depth measurements


When used with our free PCIeTest application (for Windows) or BurnInTest Professional (for Windows) or BurnInTest for Linux , you can run data loopback and benchmark tests.


Benchmark tests use a bus-master DMA controller to maximise test transfer speeds between high speed integrated LSRAM and system RAM up to a maximum theoretical speed of 5Gbps per lane.


Monitor power rails for transient noise/spikes/brown-out using 1MHz dual-channel oscilloscope mode


Benchmark data transfer


Check that data can be sent and received from the port


Check PCIe error rates and transmission speed (5Gbits/sec per lane, up to 1200MBps when using x4 edge) in Windows


Benchmark your PC’s PCIe slots


Check if your PCIe slots are Gen2 5Gb/s or Gen1 2.5Gb/s


Fits into any length PCIe slot, can test 1 or 4 lanes at PCIe gen2 speeds

Stress testing


Verify that the system remains stable under long periods of load


Monitor temperature inside the case (0°C to 125°C, ±2°C)


Concurrently check multiple PCIe slots at the same time

High quality construction


Extra-thick 100 µinch hard gold plating on 150 µinch nickel fingers ensure greater durability and rated insertion cycling than typical PCIe cards.