Product Type

Privacy and Data Governance Suite

Streamline, optimize, and automate privacy and data governance processes to meet global regulatory requirements and minimize data risk.


Navigate the complexities of evolving privacy laws and data regulations using Exterro’s comprehensive Privacy and Data Governance Suite. Designed to streamline and optimize your compliance processes, the integrated platform is powered by deep insight derived from intelligent data discovery. Establish and maintain a robust, defensible privacy and data governance program that aligns with regulatory standards and minimizes data risk.


Exterro Privacy Products


Data Discovery


Gain unparalleled visibility into your data with automated inventory and classification of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, enhancing control and facilitating compliance over its entire lifecycle.


Data Retention


Streamline data retention and reduce risk with a solution mapping over 750 records to a library of regulations covering over 300 US and international jurisdictions. Simplify and operationalize defensible records management and identification of records ready for deletion.


RoPA/Data Mapping


Simplify and automate the building of a record of processing activities and data map. Seamlessly integrated into your organization’s workflows and infrastructure, this dynamic, intelligent solution fast-tracks compliance with global privacy regulations.


Assessments Manager


Streamline privacy and data risk assessments using built-in dynamic, automated questionnaires for risk detection and robust, collaborative workflows for efficient risk remediation and monitoring.




Manage consumer consent and preferences across multiple channels in a unified, comprehensive solution, facilitating compliance with global privacy regulations with a solution that is easy to use for both organizations and consumers alike.


Data Subject Access Request


Streamline the entire data subject rights request process, including verifying identities, discovering data, redacting or deleting data, and generating defensible reports ready for external sharing.


Exterro Privacy Differentiators


Unified Solution


Manage all your privacy compliance activities in a unified solution infused with insight from AI-powered data discovery, seamlessly integrated with your technology infrastructure.


Enabled by AI


AI-powered Exterro Assist provides real-time insights and guidance to users and offers timely, intelligent support across privacy and data governance workflows.


Trusted Experience


With decades of experience in privacy and data governance, our platform and team are the choice of leading global companies navigating complex regulatory landscapes.




Built on extensive privacy research, our platform simplifies complex tasks like managing global data subject rights requests, risk assessments, and data retention requirements.