Why You Want It

Proton DataDefender ATS Cloud

With DataDefender™ ATS Cloud Software, consistently maintain an audit-worthy, media destruction report with no limit on users or memory storage!


  • All records are keyword searchable.
  • Filtered search results can be downloaded as CSV files. 
  • PROTON DATA DEFENDER allows the account owner to pull only the records for one specific operator on your account and download them. 
  • Simply log in, scan your hard drive serial number and IMMEDIATELY populate the report with the necessary information. 
  • Runs on any computer, laptop or tablet with a USB port without requiring expensive third party hardware 
  • Reference destruction history for every data storage device processed, regardless of the Proton model. 
  • NO memory storage limitations so 

UNLIMITED records can be maintained. 

  • Rapid search function allows for immediate location of data in any field.


  • Records can be printed directly from inside the application. 
  • More reliable than a hardware-based solution. 
  • 99.999% availability uptime. 
  • Records can be exported as a CSV file compatible with any accounting software, providing a complete audit trail. 

Additional information

Dimensions 6″ H x 2.5″ W x 3.34″ D
Weight 5.29 oz.
Scan Technology Laser
Color White