Why You Want It

Proton PDS-100 Deployment Case



Built with strong, impact resistant materials, this deployment case will relocate your PDS-100 Destroyer anywhere it needs to go, while keeping it safe and secure.


36 lbs. 31.28″ x 24.21″ x 17.48″ H




This deployment case is the perfect accessory to your PDS-100 HDD Destroyer. It fits all components of the machine into a compact heavy duty case. This makes it easy for users to relocate the machine and destroy drives anywhere.  This case is impact resistant and features a latching system that will protect your valued investment. Specifically made for the PDS-100, this case features high quality custom molded foam cutouts that will ensure safety during transport. Forget moving hundreds or even thousands of bulky, heavy drives. Move the drive destroyer easily to any rooms where your unused and old drives are located.