Why You Want It

Proton DataDefender ATS Cloud


The T-1.5 degausser deployment case is built durable, top of the line materials to ensure your degausser is safe and secure at all times. Compact enough to fit through doorways and into elevators, relocating has never been easier. Keep your investment safe with a T-1.5 deployment case.




Make transporting your degausser simple and safe with the T-1.5 Deployment Case. This custom built case with foam inserts protects your Proton T-1.5 degausser when it comes time to relocate to another work space.  It comes equipped with many well thought out features including mobile casters that will slide easily on any floor surface, as well as latches to make sure no damage occurs to the machine during transportation. The extendable handle provides easy maneuverability. With this case, you can easily move your T-1.5 deguasser from room to room to degauss your media, instead of moving multiple, heavy stacks of hard drives to a single location.