Make smarter decisions faster with AI-powered eDiscovery

Harness the power of the industry’s most innovative all-in-one platform for eDiscovery and investigations.

  • Data processing and document production designed for scalable simplicity. Rapidly transform collected data into searchable text for analysis and review.
  • Find what’s below the surface of your data or remove the noise by using seamlessly connected interactive data visualizations and Concept Search.
  • Dramatically reduce the time-consuming process of manually reviewing complex data types with AI-powered data normalization features.
  • Prioritize document review or automate coding decisions with unmatched supervised machine learning capabilities. Using Reveal’s powerful supervised machine learning is as simple as creating a tag.
  • Perform document review for any size matters with effortless efficiency. Prepare and organize documents for review regardless of data size or complexity — all in your native language.

Dynamically present your case documents

Presentation software with the flexibility to dynamically and persuasively present case documents.

  • Streamline evidence preparation and presentation with our versatile evidence management solution. Work with a broad spectrum of file formats and metadata, enabling comprehensive case preparation. Take advantage of advanced features for organizing and reviewing evidence including intuitive tools for annotation, redaction, and transcript management. Simplify your workflow with efficient document filtering, keyword searches, and detailed reporting, ensuring you have all the necessary tools for effective case handling.
  • Elevate your courtroom presence with evidence presentation tools crafted for precision and impact, tools you can use to make your legal narratives more engaging and persuasive. Drawing on capabilities like more intricate, pre-treated items within your case, display pop-ups, and zoomed-in sections, deliver a more dynamic, compelling presentation.

Do-it-yourself eDiscovery with powerful simplicity

The industry’s most preferred in-house investigations and eDiscovery platform.

  • Seamlessly connect and gather data directly from popular collaboration platforms like Google Vault, Slack, Microsoft O365, and Box. Logikcull simplifies collecting data and managing personnel information by integrating directly with these platforms and your Active Directory. Enjoy an efficient, drag-and-drop experience for data collection and straightforward personnel management.
  • Streamline the challenging task of identifying critical documents for review, significantly reducing the time and effort involved. Logikcull offers advanced features like automated PII detection, voice-to-text translation, and sophisticated search capabilities, ensuring you can swiftly pinpoint the documents you need. From handling sensitive information to managing large datasets, our tool adapts to your workflow, providing precision and efficiency.
  • Organize your document review and coding process with an intuitive interface designed to significantly reduce onboarding time for reviewers. Logikcull prioritizes efficiency and ease of use, featuring a powerful document viewer, automated organization tagging, and advanced text and audio redaction capabilities. This approach ensures that reviewers can focus on their work with fewer distractions and manual tasks.
  • Exporting and producing documents for third parties is streamlined, akin to setting up a saved search. This approach significantly reduces the complexity and time involved in document management, ensuring that you can swiftly and securely deliver documents in the required formats. Logikcull is designed to enhance efficiency and security in document production and sharing.
  • Transform your legal hold process by eliminating manual tracking. Designed to simplify and expedite every aspect of legal holds, Logikcull ensures you can quickly select custodians, send notices, and manage document productions with minimal effort. Enjoy a streamlined, efficient process that reduces the risk of error and enhances compliance.

Accelerate speed to insights with augmented intelligence

Comb the power of interactive data visualizations and supervised learning to speed up data analysis by 10x.

  • Rapidly explore vast amounts of unstructured content using data visualizations that enable point-and-click data decisions. Use seamless connected visualizations to interact with your data and immediately see the results of your decisions. Turn to the Cluster Wheel to quickly explore topics of interest regardless of data size.
  • Start with a single term, phrase, or an entire paragraph, and Concept Search automatically expands your queries to reveal related concepts and surface connections previously unknown to the user.
  • Use notebooks and tags to organize your findings.
  • Using next-generation supervised learning, train the machine to automatically recognize specific types of behavior. With zero extra effort, train models and leverage predictive ranks to prioritize your analysis and review.

Simplified and defensible ‍legal hold

With an easy to use interface, create a defensible and automated legal hold process to reduce case management overhead.

  • Initiate in-place legal hold of select data from modern data sources with our advanced tool designed for legal and IT professionals. Reveal Hold simplifies preserving data for investigations or litigation matters, enabling you to run searches, filter results, and manage legal holds efficiently. We support data integration from various collaboration platforms and enhance project security through robust management features.
  • When the time is right, collect only the data you need for an investigation or litigation.

Transform your data into a ‍valuable asset

Simplify how you manage data from your digital workplace tools. Onna securely integrates unstructured data from sources like Slack, Google, Microsoft, Confluence, and more. Reduce the security risks of data sprawl, seize Gen AI opportunities, and transform your data into a strategic asset.

  • Onna’s no-code connectors empower enterprises to quickly derive value from both structured and unstructured data by utilizing a user-friendly method for collecting, curating, and managing data at scale. Over 25+ out-of-the-box Connectors including Google, O365, Zoom, Dropbox. Can’t find what you need in our connector library? We can design, develop, and deliver custom solutions for you using our open API.
  • Proactively prepare your data for Early Case Assessment (ECA) and review. Onna collects data from disparate sources across your complete digital workplace, parses and indexes the data, and makes it available to internal and external legal teams to analyze and search. Build metadata filters or keyword searches to quickly identify valuable insights or to cull your data prior to collection when responding to a legal matter.
  • Securely connect your digital workplace data to large language models (LLMs) via Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).

Proactively reduce legal risk & legal costs

Perform targeted real-time risk assessment on data in-place.

  • Connect with 20+ data sources live.
  • Perform keyword searches and filters to identify relevant content or to limit data collected for legal matters.
  • Analyze, review, and code your search results.
  • Quickly and efficiently promote your work product to a review platform.


Starting your discovery project should be as easy as connect, collect, go. Through Onna, Reveal makes it easy to access all your data — one click away.

  • Legal Hold Issues? Cut Some Slack. Immediately reach custodians with legal hold notices by leveraging the platform they use (and trust) the most. Issue your holds via Slack — and leave us the rest.
  • Never Google “Export from Outlook” again. Pull Microsoft Outlook emails right from the source and centralize discovery into one powerful platform.
  • Forget about painful vault searches. Can’t get a granular view of your data in Google Vault? Connect directly into Google Vault so you can begin ingesting, organizing, and culling data immediately.
  • Un-Box all your data with a click. Seamlessly transfer documents and metadata from your favorite content management platform into Reveal.
  • Rapidly identify, collect, preserve, search, and visualize Zoom data in one place. Onna integrates with Zoom’s API to extract meeting and chat data, including custodian data of users who join but do not participate in a chat.

Revolutionizing eDiscovery with ground-breaking generative AI

Elevate your practice with the power of AI. Ask is Reveal’s groundbreaking generative AI search tool designed to revolutionize how lawyers and other legal professionals interact with their eDiscovery platform at every stage. With Ask, we bring the art back to discovery.

  • With Ask, express your searches in everyday language. No need to guess at effective keywords, formulate complex Boolean searches, or have reviewers read huge numbers of documents to find key facts within critical documents. Ask is designed to grasp the way you naturally think and phrase questions.
  • Ask leverages AI-powered search capabilities, surpassing last-generation tools by generating concise, human-readable summaries. Use Ask to get precise, targeted results in answer to your questions. This innovation helps case teams efficiently evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of their inquiries.
  • Ask is built for precision, returning targeted results in answer to your questions. Guided by your clear, targeted questions and instructions and working only with the data you choose, Ask ranks your documents, summarizes key responsive content, and delivers crisp, natural language answers.
  • Ask not only finds answers for you but shows you where those answers come from. With every response, you get a clear list of sources ranked by how closely they match your question. This way, you can easily check the facts for yourself, verifying how Ask came up with its answers.
  • Ask is an integral part of Reveal, not a separate application or an add-on capability. You can navigate seamlessly between Ask and all the other features included in Reveal, combine Ask with capabilities such as reusable AI models, and save Ask’s results as a search to use later.
  • You choose the data Ask uses for its responses. Point Ask at an entire dataset or even just one custodian. Either way, Ask limits its response to the information it finds, staying within the confines of your matter.

Get on the fast track to success

Jumpstart review and analysis by prioritizing and deprioritizing content with Reveal’s AI models — pre-built ones from Reveal’s AI Model Library or bespoke models you create yourself.

  • Too much data, too little time and money, and a pressing need to zero in on critically important content while deprioritizing data that just doesn’t matter? New lawsuits and investigations where you need to get a clear picture of what happened ASAP? Expertise that took years to develop and could disappear tomorrow with a single change in personnel? AI models — pre-built or created by you — are your heroes.
  • Access out-of-the-box, pre-trained AI models and add them to your workflows, solving the cold start problem inherent in reactive litigation and investigations. Our team of data scientists continually develops models that can detect a range of compliance and ethics behaviors, from fraud to discrimination, identify sensitive data like PII, and locate privileged conversations.
  • Convert your hard-earned domain expertise into quickly deployable bespoke AI models. Create custom models for your internal and external clients that accelerate and expand your services, enhance your value, and strengthen your relationships with your clients. Use your custom models to create new revenue streams and lines of business.