Available through the acquisition of IPRO (

  • Gain insights before collection, drive down eDiscovery costs and risks.
  • Analyze, search and review data in place before collection to reduce data volumes, risk, time, and cost.
  • In-Place search and review of data
  • In-Place Analytics with Live Data
  • Connect to 20+ Data Sources Live

Available through the acquisition of LIGL (

  • Comprehensive legal hold technology solution with automated data collection, preservation and case management.
  • Intuitive Management Dashboards and Analytics

Available through the acquisition of Mindseye (

  • Scalable Processing Designed for Speed
  • Regardless of the size and complexity of your data, Reveal enables you to rapidly transform your digital content into meaningful insights. You now know more in less time. Reveal’s processing engine is extremely flexible and can scale to keep pace with your organization’s ever increasing data volumes.
  • Leave no file behind with efficient and scalable processing that turns more than 900 file formats into extractable content ready for analysis.

Available through the acquisition of Brainspace (

Brainspace SaaS is not available as a standalone platform, although its been incorporated into the Reveal R11 solution.

  • The Power of the 360 View – Brainspace enables analysts to apply multidimensional analysis, including temporal, conceptual, and social networking across the entire data set, helping them quickly uncover hidden connections and trends buried deep within an ever-growing mountain of data. Powerful text analytics highlight critical details masked in unstructured data such as email communication and surveillance reports.
  • Observe Communication Patterns – Communication Analysis

Parent company (

Reveal Review is the most comprehensive document review platform with the flexibility and scale to manage any legal matter regardless of size and scope.

  • Foreign Language Ready (via AWS Services)
  • Image Recognition & Labelling (via AWS Services)
  • Audio & Video Transcription (via AWS Services)
  • Active Learning (via AI modelling – NexLP)

Available through the acquisition of IPRO (

  • Highlight Key Facts in Evidence – Emphasize facts by tearing document sections. Zoom in or call out evidence. Compare evidence in overlay or side-by-side presentation.
  • Real-Time Data Sync – Keep your data in sync in real-time while collaborating with others.
  • Deliver Deposition Designation – Create video clips, deliver witness binders and exhibit lists, and issue condensed transcripts.