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AI-Powered Document Review


Conduct document review in-house, or in conjunction with external outside counsel and service providers, in the industry’s smartest, fastest, and most secure document review solution.


AI-Powered Exterro Review gets you to the facts of the matter sooner.


Exterro offers more ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across our Data Risk Management platform than our competition–and we’ve been doing it for much longer.


Contextual Insights


The AI behind Contextual Insights helps users quickly identify and investigate responsive data by exposing contextual relationships between custodians and content both pre- and post- collection.


Smart Labeling


Smart Labeling uses AI to guide reviewers by constantly analyzing their labeling decisions and identifying the most relevant unreviewed documents, saving significant time and cost.


Smart Summarization


Accelerate document review projects using AI-created summaries of the document under review, allowing reviewers to quickly determine its relevance.


Eliminate redundant processing and costs with single-instance storage.


Exterro Review is the only solution on the market that uses a single-instance solution architecture, ensuring documents are only collected, processed, and stored once, regardless of the number of matters in which they are potentially responsive.


Easily configurable process orchestration powers efficient collaboration in-house–or in conjunction with outside counsel.


Exterro Review orchestrates and automates the entire e-discovery review process, significantly reducing the time and cost of review while eliminating risks associated with manual intervention required in other tools. Configure the process for each review project according to the unique needs of every stakeholder, from in-house legal departments, government agencies, legal service providers and law firms.


Rest easy knowing Exterro Review offers unparalleled data security.


While Exterro’s SOC II, FedRAMP and HiTrust certifications demonstrate our ironclad commitment to securing client data, they only tell part of the story. Exterro’s patented Gateway Coordinator and single-instance architecture significantly reduce the scope of collected data and make it accessible only to authorized users, eliminating the need to transfer data to additional technology solutions.