S21 Corrupt Handler

Reveal key evidence​​, dismissed by others


The first and unique solution capable of extracting meaningful visual data from damaged video files that are often encountered in digital forensics.


Discover evidence, surrounded in corruption.​​


  • State-of-the-art corrupt handling​
  • Extract frames from corrupt media​
  • Easily export findings​​
  • Simple to use for everyone​​​


A simple, fast workflow​


  • 1. User selects a video, or directory of videos​
  • 2. S21 Corrupt Hander processes each file​
  • 3. Extracted frames are sorted into folders​


Comprehensive capabilities, simple to use


  • Extensive image and video format support
  • Extract frames from heavily corrupt media
  • Convert special image formats to general formats
  • Forensic audit logging
  • Easily viewable results
  • Multi-file processing for quick analysis
  • Simple user interface
  • Compliment your other forensic tools


S21 Corrupt Handler capabilities are already included inside of:


  • S21 LASERi-X
  • S21 CCTV