S21 Data Carver

Fast, accurate, simple​ data recovery​


A dedicated data recovery tool to analyse image and video media from disk images or connected logical and physical drives


Deploy a cost effective, simple carver with a streamlined workflow


The S21 Data Carver has been created to allow labs to deploy dedicated media carving capability to lab processing machines without the need for expensive software or training.


  • 1. User selects one or more disk images, or connected devices​
  • 2. S21 Data Carver analyses and recovers live and deleted image and video media​
  • 3. Results are automatically displayed in S21 LASERi-X or easily ingestible into 3rd parties​


Core features for your investigations


  • Extensive file recovery support​
  • Embedded file recovery​
  • Compressed and archive file recovery​
  • Encrypted file and virtual disk recovery​
  • Simple and intuitive user interface​
  • Quickly recovers live and deleted​​ data
  • API ready or integration with S21 LASERi-X
  • Supports disk images, physical and logical drives