S21 Discovery

CSAM triage prioritising victim identification


Triage evidence faster, detect CSAM and identify victims from the start.


Developed for speed and putting victims first

  • World-leading AI to identify CSAM​
  • Automated AI to find victims
  • Evidence based smart searches
  • Identifies NCMEC Cybertips hits​​​​

Exclusively designed for your CSAM triage


Victims come first, find them first


For many victim identification has always been a post-categorisation process due to technical limitation, but no longer.


  • Automatically identify victims using the S21 Assisted VID
  • Offline mapping and POI to identify files nearby places of interest
  • Supports NCMEC Cybertips to automatically alert for known victim


The most advanced CSAM AI


Fast, autonomous, and accurate detection mechanisms provide a unique and reliable insight into your evidence.


  • AI automatically detects CSAM images or videos, processing thousands of files a minute
  • Clever junk filters remove irrelevant material to prioritise higher risk content
  • Supported by intelligence databases, S21 Global Alliance Database, Project VIC, CAID and more


Harnessing intelligence to identify files of interest


Using all available intelligence from the S21 Global Alliance Database, NCMEC, Project VIC, CAID and more means you can find victims faster.


  • Supports all major intelligence databases, including BlockHashing
  • AI to identify CSAM, and junk filtration to hide irrelevant content
  • Identify keywords, suspicious apps and files nearby POI of interest (e.g. schools, airports)
  • Device make, model, serial and GPS analysis

Dynamically adjusts based upon your evidence


Automated workflows identify and prioritise high risk areas of evidence, scanning these first to discover notable content faster.


  • Supports E01, L01, VMDK, physical / logical disks and directories
  • Generates a directory breakdown of evidence in seconds
  • Stop-start scanning enables you to immediately select and analyse suspicious directories
  • Adaptable high risk locations and file type identification


Automate Victim Identification


The S21 Assisted VID enables everyone to conduct thorough victim identification searches, quickly and with ease.


With the S21 Assisted VID investigators can provide minimal ‘breadcrumbs’ of information and the automated AI will do the rest, highlighting possible files containing victims.


Like you we believe every victim matters, and now everyone can help identify and safeguard victims faster than ever before.


Automated categorisation of CSAM images and videos


The S21 Auto Categoriser built into S21 Discovery enables users to process thousands of images and videos per minute to find illicit content.

Able to differentiate between CSAM, indicate content, legally held content and adult pornography, the S21 Auto Categoriser significantly reduces categorisation time, while potentially highlight victims from the start.