S21 Enhance

State-of-the-art image and video enhancement


Don’t let poor quality, or distorted media impede your investigations

Maximise media potential

  • Specially developed,​ powerful AI​
  • Simple to use for​ everyone​​
  • Forensically sound​
  • Easy annotations

Reveal the undiscovered




Enhancement improves low quality visuals




Transforms black and white visuals to RGB colour


Motion de-blur


Removes blur caused by fast motion to reveal sharper visuals


Media enhancement, simple for anyone to use


  • Upscale media resolution​
  • Enhance media contrast​
  • Remove shadows​
  • Remove motion blur​
  • Recolour greyscale media​
  • Blur regions​
  • Automatically equalise lighting​
  • Rotate imagery
  • Adjust brightness​
  • Adjust red, green and blue values​
  • Apply watermarks​
  • Apply annotations


S21 Enhance capabilities are already included inside of:


  • S21 LASERi-X
  • S21 CCTV