S21 Streamline

Automate your digital investigations


Save time, money and resources by automating multi-disk imaging, data carving, analysis and media review with X-Ways Forensics and S21 LASERi-X


Developed for speed and intelligence while putting victims first


Maximise your productivity output


S21 Streamline automates case setup and processing. It helps you to create a smooth workflow which integrates data between X-Ways Forensics, Jedson Technologies and S21 LASERi-X.


Automation capabilities let’s you pull together your workflows across evidence imaging and processing with X-Ways, image and video extraction through Jedson Technologies’ X-Tension, and case creation and AI processing in S21 LASERi-X.


Automation that doesn’t compromise​


  • Automate X-Ways case creation and processing​
  • Automated media carving and extraction​
  • Automated S21 case creation and processing​
  • Consistant workflow from start-to-finish​
  • Customisable processing profiles​
  • Process multiple disk images at together​
  • Supports E01, L01 disk images​
  • Supports VMDK, DD, RAW images​


A detailed overview, of a simplified workflow


  • 1. Case details entered by the investigator
    Using Streamline, the investigator sets case details, selects one or more physical drives, or suspect images (E01, L01, VMDK … etc) to analyse, then chooses from pre-defined processing levels. No further manual interaction is required.​
  • 2. X-Ways Forensics processing, automated by Streamline​
    Streamline automatically launches X-Ways Forensics, creating a case, generating disk images (if applicable) running all relevant processing and creating a full X-Ways save file.​
  • 3. Jedson X-Tension processing, automated by Streamline​
    Streamline automatically launches the Jedson S21 X-Tension through X-Ways which exports all image and video media (excluding legally held, if set).​
  • 4. S21 LASERi-X case and AI processing, automated by Streamline​
    Streamline automatically launches S21 LASERi-X, creating a case, importing the media from X-Ways and running selected processing, including automated CSAM classifier. The case is now open and ready to categorise.​