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SAFE Block

SAFE Block


SAFE Block is the industry standard Windows software write blocker, used by law enforcement and private industry throughout the world, and facilitates the quick and safe acquisition, triage and/or analysis of any disk or flash storage media attached directly to your Windows workstation. It is proven to be safe, and significantly faster than hardware write blocking solutions.


Please note: ForensicSoft supports all versions of Windows 10 versions 1909 and earlier, and Windows 11 (version 10.0.22000). Installation on Windows 8 x64 or Windows Server 2012R2 and later server OSs requires special installation steps explained on our Support Page.


For all Windows 10 forensic workstations and Windows 10 To Go installations, ForensicSoft highly recommends the clean version of Windows for special purpose (i.e. forensic) computers, called Windows 10 LTSC. If you are unfamiliar with Windows 10 LTSC, you can find more information here. Most of our larger customers use LTSC exclusively for their forensic machines.


SAFE Block Features


SAFE Block Is Application Independent.


SAFE Block is application independent and works with all forensic acquisition, triage and analysis applications that run on your Windows forensic workstations.


SAFE Block Is Faster Than Hardware.


SAFE Block allows for write blocked, Windows-based, disk imaging speeds that are significantly faster than imaging in Windows using commercially available hardware-based write blockers.


SAFE Block Blocks Multiple Devices.


SAFE Block provides the ability to simultaneously write block as many disk devices as are connected to a computer without the need for multiple expensive hardware write blocking devices. Attach 20 hard drives and rebuild a RAID all while write-blocked. There is no limit to what you can protect!


SAFE Block Does Automatic Write Blocking.


SAFE Block provides automatic write blocking of every directly attached flash and disk media, attached with any interface, including IDE (PATA & SATA), SCSI, FC, SAS, M.2, NVMe, USB, USB-C and IEEE1394. The user controls automatic write blocking policies for fixed and/or removable disks. The user can have SAFE Block remember individual device’s blocked or un-blocked status for ease of use on media repeatedly used on a workstation/laptop.


SAFE Block Is Simple.


SAFE Block is a simple Windows GUI interface that allows the user the ability to block and un-block any disk or flash storage device detected by Windows. Devices are listed in a tree by type (USB, SCSI, IDE) and, where appropriate, by controller and channel.


SAFE Block Passes every NIST validation test.


SAFE Block is used throughout the world by law enforcement and is the only Windows software write blocking tool in the industry that is forensically sound and passes every NIST validation test. Confirm this yourself using the freely available CRU write block validation tool and compare the results with any other software write blocking tool or method available.


SAFE Block License Attributes


  • Single-instance use, licensed is machined-tied to one computer
  • Licenses are issued by operating system of the underlying computer
  • Discounted upgrade licenses available when upgrading the operating system
  • When retiring hardware, please contact ForensicSoft Support (support@forensicsoft.com) to request a license transfer to the new computer