Why You Want It

High quality, fully- molded Loopback Plugs


For Serial and Parallel ports


  • Quickest and most effective way to verify that your Serial (RS232) and Parallel ports are working correctly
  • These adapters plug into the serial and parallel ports of a computer, allowing the looping of the data and signal path by joining the transmit and receive pins together.
  • For use with BurnInTest Professional




Serial Loopback Plug


The serial loopback plug is a 9 pin female plug (DE-9)


In addition to testing the receive and transmit functions, the following RS232 signal pins are also tested:


  • Clear To Send (CTS)
  • Request To Send (RTS)
  • Data Set Ready (DSR)
  • Data Terminal Ready (DTR)


More information and pin out instructions here


Parallel Loopback Plug


The parallel loopback plug is a 25 pin male plug (DB-25).


The parallel port is also commonly known as a printer port.


More information and pin out instructions here