Rapid Evidence Collection, Analysis, and Reporting


Triage-Investigator® is ADF’s automated intelligent forensic triage tool designed for field deployment with Digital Evidence Investigator®. The software has a proven track record of providing easy and quick access to court-defendable evidence.


Rapidly assess Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, and external drives for prohibited materials like CSAM, usernames, and contacts in both field and laboratory settings.


Key Highlights

  1. Eliminate manual scans
  2. Scan multiple computer and storage devices for evidence
  3. Employ hash matching to pinpoint files from established hash sets such as VICS or CAID
  4. Use built-in search profiles for swift evidence discovery


Fast Automated Computer Investigations for Field and Lab


Forensic Examiners and Investigators around the world rely on Triage-Investigator® to investigate computers and devices in their forensic lab or on-scene. TINV prioritizes and collects files and artifacts fast with suspect, witness, or victim evidence presented in a timeline view and leverages powerful forensic Search Profiles to locate valuable digital evidence fast.




Prioritize speed in evidence collection and use in the field or in lab investigations with minimal training.


  • Image live macOS computers via our remote agent and create an AFF4 logical image
  • Image live ARM CPU-based Window devices
  • Scan and Image Chrome OS computers such as Chromebooks
  • Highly configurable file and artifact collection including web browser cached files, social media, P2P, Cryptocurrency, cloud storage, user login events, anti-forensic traces, saved credentials, files shared via Skype, USB history, user connection log, etc.
  • Recover deleted records from apps using the SQLite database
  • Artifact collections are collected in parallel to accelerate their collection
  • Supports collection of forensic artifacts from Windows and macOS (including T2 and M1 chips)
  • Search and collect emails including MS Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail 10, Apple Mail
  • Investigate attached devices, live powered-on computers, boot scans from powered-off computers, forensic images, the contents of folders, and network shares (including shares made available by NAS devices)
  • Prepare a Collection Key without Search Profiles to select Captures just before a scan
  • Prepare a Collection Key with pre-configured or custom Search Profiles imported from Digital Evidence Investigator (Note: Custom Search Profiles can only be created in DEI or DEI PRO)
  • Protect the Collection Key with BitLocker
  • Ability to borrow license tokens for collection keys
  • Discover remote Mac OS agents automatically
  • Deploy user-created Captures to the Collection Key when not using Search Profiles
  • Create new log files for logical images and process logical images from the data container
  • Simplified data container to store Mac logical images
  • Enter keywords just before a live/boot scan
  • Rapidly search suspect media using large hash sets (>100 million), including Project VIC (VICS 2.0) and CAID
  • Find relevant files and artifacts using TINV’s powerful keyword and regular expression search capability
  • Image drives Out-of-the-box with image verification and imaging log file
  • Use password and recovery key to decrypt and scan or image BitLocker volumes including those using the new AES-XTS encryption algorithm introduced in Windows 10
  • Process APFS partitions, NTFS, FAT, HFS+, EXT, ExFAT, and YAFFS2 file systems, compute MD5 and SHA1 on collected files for integrity validation
  • Capture RAM to acquire volatile memory
  • Collect password-protected and corrupted files for later review
  • Collect iOS backups on target computers
  • Detect and warn of BitLocker and FileVault2-protected drives
  • Leverage Triage-Investigator’s powerful boot capability (including UEFI secure boot and Macs) to access internal storage that cannot easily be removed from computers
  • Direct access to the Capture screen with the ability to define time range of data collection, define collection per app in a Search Profile, select Captures and apps before a live or boot scan, and exclude folders from the scan




  • Leverage facial analysis age detection to quickly sort and identify infants, toddlers, children, and adults
  • View results while a scan is running
  • View thumbnail(s) of attached reference files (displays them in the HTML/PDF report as well)
  • In gallery view, filter out images that aren’t rendered
  • View chat conversations with bubbles to easily identify the senders and receivers with “Message Thread” hyperlink to select individual conversations
  • Filter search results with sorting and search capabilities (dates, hash values, tags, text filters, more)
  • Search scan results using keywords, with results categorized by record type
  • View pictures and videos organized by visual classes such as people, faces, currency, weapons, vehicles, indecent pictures of children
  • View links between files of interest and user’s activities such as recently access files, downloaded files, attachments, and more
  • View highlighted encrypted files in the scan summary
  • Redact previews when exporting a report
  • Comprehensive video preview and frame extraction
  • Automatically tag hash and keyword matches
  • Define new file types and select individual ones to be processed
  • Display provenance, including comprehensive metadata, of all relevant files and artifacts
  • Reorder or disable post-scan tasks (classification of pictures, videos, or entity extraction) to run in the Viewer




  • Precisely select which files and artifacts to export
  • Import hash values from a VICS/CAID database with the possibility to select categories,
  • Import keyword list and prompt for default tags and comments if none are in the CSV file
  • Import hash values from the CSV file and prompt for default tags and comments if none are in the CSV file
  • Export errors when importing keywords or hash values
  • Log issues when importing data
  • Customize your report to show specific columns and redact pictures
  • Present information in a table or list
  • Include original files or previews only
  • HTML and PDF reporting options
  • Export to other forensics applications with VICS / Project VIC (JSON) or CSV formats
  • Export to the Orchesight platform
  • Share scan results with a portable standalone viewer


Product Description


The Digital Evidence Investigator Software Kit Includes:


  • One Portable Travel Case
  • One Licensed Triage-Investigator® Software Authentication Key
  • One 500GB SSD Collection Drive
  • One 4 Port USB Hub
  • One USB-A to USB-C adapter
  • One Adapter USB-C to Ethernet and 3 USB-A
  • One Ethernet Cable
  • One USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • One USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • Software Maintenance and Support


Technical Specs


Recommended Technical Specs:


  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel i7 CPU
  • 8GB Minimal, 16GB of RAM Recommended
  • 500GB PCIe NVMe SSD hard drive