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UltraBlock Write Blockers

Essential Tools for Everyday Use


Successful digital forensic investigations start by acquiring evidence from a wide array of modern and legacy storage devices. Be prepared for any forensic acquisition you’ll face with a complete set of Digital Intelligence UltraBlock forensic bridges. Built to perform day in and day out, UltraBlocks provide outstanding imaging speed in a durable, easy to use package.




  • UltraKit
    IDE/SATA, PCle, USB, etc.
  • UltraKit TD4
    Adds TD4 Forensic Imager
  • UltraKit TX1
    Adds TX1 Forensic Imager

Secure, Convenient Forensic Imaging


Take the confusion out of forensic data acquisitions with an UltraBlock write blocker from Digital Intelligence. UltraBlocks form a secure forensic connection between host computer and suspect storage device. With native I/O matched to specific storage media and SuperSpeed USB 3 host connections, UltraBlocks make data collection fast, efficient, and simple.


The Performance of an UltraBay 4 in a Portable, Desktop Package


If imaging kit space is at a premium, consider the Digital Intelligence UltraBay 4P (for “Portable”). This powerful package supports forensic data acquisition of SATA, SAS, USB 3, PCIe, FireWire, and IDE storage devices. Engineered for field or lab settings, the UltraBay 4P delivers the big-time performance of our UltraBay in a compact, fan-ventilated, aluminum enclosure.


Questions about which accessories should be purchased with the UltraBay 4P? Digital Intelligence has that answered for you. A complete set of modern drive adapters, cables, and device power supply is included with each UltraBay 4P. Buy the UltraBay 4P in confidence knowing its engineered to perform and built to last. Buy now

UltraBlock Kits


  • UltraBock IDE/SATA
  • UltraBock SAS
  • UltraBock PCle
  • UltraBock USB

Travel Ready Single or Multi-Product UltraBlock Kits


Digital Intelligence UltraKits take the guesswork out of component selection for hardware based forensic imaging. Available in single or multiple product kits, each UltraKit includes the UltraBlock, power supplies, and all necessary power and signal cables. Multi-product UltraKits are packaged in a hardcase designed for field and travel protection. We also sell individual (unkitted) UltraBlocks for those times when you need to add a specific device to your collection.


Ultimate Performance with a FRED UltraBay


All FRED systems ship with an integral UltraBay write blocker for the ultimate in hardware based forensic imaging. UltraBays enable data acquisitions from SATA, SAS, IDE, USB, FireWire, and PCIe storage devices at sustained data transfer speeds more than 300 MB/s.


With multiple storage devices connected, the UltraBay 4d supports sequential or parallel modes of imaging. Exclusive to FRED systems, the touch-screen on the UltraBay 4d offers convenient, localized display and management of connected storage devices.


Drive Adapters


Storage devices present the examiner with many variations of physical and electrical interfaces, and you will often need adapters specific to the device you are trying to image. Digital Intelligence is here to help you select the correct adapters for your needs. Learn more

Convenient Access to Digital Media Cards



Access to photos and videos on small form factor digital media cards is essential to many forensic investigations. The UltraBlock USB 3.0 Forensic Card Reader supports forensic acquisitions from a wide assortment of modern, compact flash card formats. Learn more