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USB Add-on

USB Add-on

Native USB hard drives, like WD MyPassport series, are becoming very common. Unfortunately adapters that can convert USB drives to SATA do not exist, and to solve this problem we developed the USB Add-on. It is a hardware device which works together with the standard RapidSpar unit to interface with USB storage natively. Please watch this demo video to see its functionality:

In short, USB Add-on has the same functionality as the standard RapidSpar device, but for USB storage instead of IDE/SATA, with one exception – it does not yet perform firmware repairs. As a consequence of this limitation, this add-on is a one-time purchase without any additional recurring costs. The ability to disable specific heads is currently available for WD drives with unencrypted firmware.
Optional Adapter Set for USB Add-on
This set includes three adapters:

  • M.2 M-key NVMe protocol to USB3.
  • M.2 M-key AHCI protocol to USB3.
  • Apple 12+16 pin to M.2 M-key.

It allows connecting PCIe SSDs with either M.2 M-key or Apple 12+16 pin interfaces to USB Add-on.