Why You Want It

USB S.O.S. (Short circuit – Over voltage – Sensor)


Short Circuit Tester for USB ports.


  • Quickest and easiest ways to check port voltage and short circuit in USB ports and USB chargers.
  • Test over voltage or under voltage on VBUS
  • Check if there is a short circuit between VBUS and any of the data lines
  • Detect invalid voltage on data lines




Protect your USB devices


Protect your expensive USB devices by first plugging in the PassMark USB S.O.S. device to detect bad ports that would otherwise do damage.


The PassMark USB S.O.S. device itself is nearly indestructible for the purposes of testing USB ports with protection of up to +-100V.


The big “PASS” sign is illuminated in green when all voltages are within specification.


Diagnose dangerous faulty ports


Seven individual red LEDs are used to indicate failures (out of spec voltages) on:

  • VBUS
  • D+
  • D-
  • RX+
  • RX-
  • TX+
  • TX-


Compact design


Small and practical design for convenient rapid tests.


The PassMark USB S.O.S. is a perfect companion to your essential PC repair tool kit.