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    X-Ways Investigator 2-day training to receive a free X-Ways Investigator license 

    If you’re an Investigator and your Digital Forensic Examiners use X-Ways Forensics then X-Ways Investigator should be your tool to assist with your investigation! 


    X-Ways Investigator is a specialised build of the powerful X-Ways Forensics tool, made specifically for investigators. It features a simplified user interface that cuts out a lot of the complex technical functions so investigators can better concentrate on the matter at hand. It is ideally suited to investigators in law enforcement, intelligence, or the private sector who are not forensic specialists, but have the case knowledge and skills to follow where the data leads them. Whether it is e-discovery or complex searching and analysis, X-Ways Investigator gives the right tools to the right people.



    Once a forensic analyst has processed the case using X-Ways Forensics, investigators will use this tool to further refine and search the data. With their greater understanding of the case at hand, they are better positioned to search the data for relevant material and follow leads that may develop during their analysis. As a review platform, X-Ways Investigator integrates seamlessly into existing X-Ways Forensics workflows.



    X-Ways Investigator features case management and logging, as well as automated reports that can be further refined with HTML tools if need be. Powerful search features get you to the data fast, with gallery views, commenting and file tagging simplifying collaborative casework. Skin colour detection and a PhotoDNA interface (law enforcement only) provide quick results when working on child protection matters. The integrated viewer component allows you to view hundreds of different file types such as images, Office documents, or emails, as well as deleted files.



    X-Ways Investigator is ideally suited to those who work with forensic analysts already using X-Ways Forensics and want to get to their case data quicker. Once processed, X-Ways Investigator can access any data containers or cases produced by the forensic team, so there is no waiting for data conversion or uploading into another review platform.



    Using the same underlying systems as X-Ways Forensics, you can be assured of lightning fast searching and versatile filtering, combined with the extremely stable performance that sets X-Ways apart from other forensic tools.


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    Our 2-day training course will take you through getting the program up and running, before moving onto working with cases and viewing files. You will learn about refining the data to reveal hidden sources, important metadata information, as well as smart searching techniques you can use to get more from your data. Learn to use hashes to reduce your workload, or even to automatically find information for you. Tagging, commenting, and data categorisation techniques will help you organise your findings, and the material on reporting and printing will ensure your results are shown in the best possible light.