X1 Enterprise Platform

X1 Enterprise Platform

Revolutionizing your eDiscovery Workflow


Unique in the industry, the X1 Enterprise Collect Platform’s index-in-place technology, upends the traditional collection process with the ability to iteratively search and perform targeted collections of ESI in cloud repositories, custodian computers, and large network file-shares, in-place and in real-time, enabling true early data assessment (EDA) with lightning fast results in minutes instead of weeks. With the addition of MS 365, X1 effectively addresses the critical issue of disproportionate and costly overcollection from the most prevalent cloud data source. X1’s proprietary and optimized approach enables organizations to apply the principles of proportionality and dramatically reduce eDiscovery collection and processing costs, while also increasing speed to review via direct upload to RelativityOne or any other review platform of choice. The X1 Enterprise Collect Platform is available now in the cloud, on-premise, and as an “on-demand” service provided by X1’s team of experts.



Key Benefits


  • Avoid over-collection by knowing data volumes and keyword statistics prior to initiating preservations without performing collection on any information upfront
  • Unique search in-place and targeted collection of the full suite of MS 365 applications (Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Mail) enables an optimized approach, resulting in elimination of unnecessary mass bulk data export and drastically reducing costs
  • Empower data governance teams to respond to eDiscovery collections, data audit and compliance initiatives, from a single platform
  • Benefit from X1’s patented search technology to centrally search distributed end-points in minutes, with precision and accuracy
  • Reduce collection volumes by preserving only the responsive items directly from the end-node and address the issues of modern employees consistently going on and offline
  • Centrally search enterprise data, whether on-premise or in the cloud, from desktops, laptops, or other network sources
  • Gain instant visibility into data residing directly on end-users’ computers, early in the process


Fast and Targeted Remote Access to a Suite of Data Sources


For the first time ever, legal and IT teams can now iteratively search and perform targeted collections of ESI from popular cloud data sources across the enterprise including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Mail, Dropbox, laptops and file-shares remotely, in minutes, optimizing the eDiscovery and compliance process with a seamless, one-step click-to-review into Relativity.

X1 Utilizes Award-Winning Search Technology


Instant Keyword Testing


Only with X1’s patented technology can legal teams and eDiscovery examiners execute keywords on ESI in place and receive statistics for potential responsiveness in a nearly instantaneous, iterative process, all before collection.


Search within Email Containers on End-Nodes


X1 Enterprise Collect Platform is the only eDiscovery solution that eliminates the need to transfer entire email containers such as PSTs by allowing the identification, preservation, and collection of individual messages in place on a custodian’s computer.