X1 Search

X1 Search

Why X1 Search?


Do you spend valuable time individually searching through your Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Google Drive, Gmail and more, unable to find what you are looking for? With X1 Search you can instantly search across your emails, attachments, documents, local files, M365 data, including Teams Chats and Channels, and more, and find the exact information you need using a single command, across all your data sources, saving you hours every day.



Stop Searching and Start Finding!


X1’s easy-to-use search and productivity application enables you to immediately search across your emails, attachments, documents, local files, and M365 data, including Teams chats and channels, in a single search. This game-changing capability supercharges your productivity and enables you to immediately find exactly what you need.


X1 Instantly Searches


Key Benefits

  • Unified Search Across All of your Data Sources
    Instantly search across all your data sources including M365 (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Outlook), Gmail, Google Drive, and more and find emails, attachments, documents, local and cloud files… in a single search
  • Quickly Search All your MS Teams Chats and Channels
    Easily search through your MS Teams Chat and Channel history including, attachments, emojis, reactions and more!
  • Elevate your Cloud Data Search Capabilities
    Search cloud repositories like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box. Access your complete Google drive history and utilize Post Search Actions to Open, Download, and Move/Copy your data.*
  • Amplify your Email Search
    Index, search and find information in your Gmail 3x faster with the new API-based Gmail connector. Search across all your Outlook email, attachments, Outlook Calendars, and contacts lists via X1’s deep Outlook integration.
  • Easy-to-Navigate User Interface
    A single, simple, unified interface with fast-as-you- type search, 50+ refine columns, full fidelity preview of attachments and files, and a catalog of post-search actions available within the solution enabling easy next steps.
  • Accelerate your Email Workflow with M365 Archived Mail Search
    Rapidly index years’ worth of archived Outlook email in half the time!