X1 Search

X1 Search

Why X1 Search?


X1 Search provides the fastest, simplest way to find and work with the exact information needed. By providing the fastest access to documents and email, X1 Search unlocks the potential for people to leverage years of experience with just a few keystrokes, dramatically improve productivity, and function at their highest level.

X1 Search is Blazingly Fast


X1 Instantly Searches

X1 Search


X1 Search

Full fidelity preview – preview your data in native format


X1 Search

Search, review and act upon SharePoint data in native format


X1 Search

Unified search across SharePoint data, Outlook, files and more all within one integrated user interface


X1 Search

Search term hit highlighting – watch search terms highlight and results populate as fast as you type


X1 Search

Post search actions – open, edit, email, save and more – without leaving X1


Key Benefits


Enables Business Productivity


It is easy to find email, desktop files, remote file shares (e.g. Box), SharePoint data and more in a single interface with hit highlighting and full-fidelity preview of results.


Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Search


Search cloud repositories like Box and OneDrive alongside email, files, and SharePoint content, reaping the benefits of a single-pane-of-glass view for business content.


Comprehensive Email Search


Deep Outlook integration empowers professionals to search across, Outlook email, attachments, Outlook Calendars, and contacts lists.


SharePoint Search


Seamlessly integrate SharePoint into your workflow with native preview of document libraries and lists as well as SharePoint specific post-search actions such as check-in and check-out.


User-Centric Interface


A single, unified interface with fast-as-you- type search, 50+ refine columns, full fidelity preview of attachments and files, and a catalog of post-search actions retrieve and act upon results in the way a business professional recollects information.


Federated Search


X1 unifies search results across desktops, network file shares, email, cloud sources (e.g. Box, AWS), and more, enabling you to preview and act upon information no matter where it lives.