Uncover intelligence from locally stored data

YOSE is your own AI-driven search engine that lets you instantly track down intelligence within any file type—even from the largest, most unstructured stockpiles of locally stored data.

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Next-level text recognition, smoother navigation and more


Great news. The next version of YOSE has now reached BETA status. We were hoping to release a new version before the summer, but all the goodies simply took too long to finish— and, as usual, we wanted it all.


This beta release represents a major leap forward for the YOSE user experience, featuring several new innovations in many different areas. So, let’s walk through a few of these highlights before taking a deep dive into the main event: a brand new text recognizer.



Release highlights


Smoother navigation—and more time saved!

We started by upgrading the user interface. It was already very fast to navigate, but we wanted to do better. So we introduced hardware accelerated GUI to every aspect, making the entire user experience buttery smooth. Something you’ll notice when navigating in large link views, scrolling through content, or zooming in on images for a deep and high-quality view.



But we didn’t stop there. We also used this new capacity to give you some truly unique and time-saving functions related to navigating image and video content. Watch out for an upcoming article about this.


Extract more intelligence from your inbox


Email analytics have gotten a huge boost with this release. More can be indexed, and all intelligence can be linked between emails, files, images, documents, etc. YOSE can also link between emails by content, which means that you can follow a single file through the mail chains. It’s all visible in the link chart viewer.



Introducing a next-level Image Analyzer for faster visual and text recognition


YOSE has always been able to read text on scanned documents (OCR). But never like this. Thanks to our new partnership with the visual recognition technology company, Image Analyzer, the new YOSE Beta release features a fully integrated Image Analyzer Visual Intelligence System (IAVIS)  for visual and text recognition.


IAVIS allows huge troves of digital material to be automatically searched for relevant images, enabling investigators to quickly discover the most important evidence to disclose to prosecution and defense teams. By incorporating IAVIS as a central component within YOSE, investigators will be able to select a search category such as weapons, drugs, faces, tattoos etc, and instantly extract relevant images, videos and text hidden within any file type.


In addition to recognizing images of known offenders and objects, IAVIS flags previously unseen images and video, allowing criminal investigators to identify recently generated material and potential new victims.



For more information about our partnership with Image Analyzer, read this press release: Paliscope selects Image Analyzer for visual and text recognition


To read more about Image Analyzer, visit: www.image-analyzer.com


More updates in this release:


  • We’ve added native support for a range of new web and document file formats,meaning we can extract more information from them faster.
  • We have updated the user interface to make it even easier to navigate. Also, following feedback from our users, we’ve mimicked our other product Discovry and moved the tabs to the left side. It felt a little awkward in the beginning, but now after getting used to it, it’s amazing.
  • AI has been updated and is even smarter than before, and a lot faster too.


Altogether, this YOSE Beta release is packed with major improvements—and we highly recommend taking it for a test ride. We’ve utilized the most intelligent AI solutions on the planet to turn a pile of files into intelligence, and link intelligence between emails, documents, images and videos. All in one responsive and easy-to-use package.