Uncover intelligence from your data

YOSE™ is your own AI-driven search engine that lets you instantly track down intelligence within any file type—even from the largest, most unstructured stockpiles of data.


Your own AI-powered search engine

YOSE leverages its built-in AI engine to scan for intelligence, deciphering interesting details like names, faces, places, and objects, then automatically delivers an overview of its findings.


Search through & get alerts on all your data


Find what you are looking for with YOSE. Whether it is text, media, persons, objects… if it is there, YOSE will find it.


Conduct manual searches or set alerts when injecting data to be able to continuously go through massive amounts of material. Finding the needle in the haystack has never been easier.


  • Text
    Search and locate text in images, PDFs, scanned documents, emails, and screenshots.
  • Persons
    Identify and match persons of interest across images, videos, voice and other types of documents.
  • Objects & scenes
    Track down different types of objects and details in both images and videos.


Review & analyze

YOSE is equipped with a comprehensive analytics package that lets you apply analytics on top of your search results. Click a button to automatically discover links, compare datasets, uncover relationships, illuminate results with analytical views, and more.



Navigate massive amounts of image, video and audio files with ease and speed. Let YOSE recognize persons, objects and scenes for you.


Find what you are looking for in any conversation. Go from speech to chat with the click of a button and view in a way that suits your way of working.

Offline translation

Move forward with your investigative work without spending unnecessary time & resources on human translation. s


Transcribe speech to text in any audio or video file. Showcase as text, chat or subtitles and have them searchable.


Compare any search result sets to see if they contain the same visual or binary files, people or extracted intelligence.

and more…

YOSE is packed with advanced review and analysis functionality. Discover how it applies to your user case by applying for a demo today.


Organizational benefits


Easy to get started

YOSE is designed so that everyone, regardless of skill level, can easily get started. The software is easy to install and maintain; you don’t need to be an IT expert to get started.


Safe data storage

YOSE is locally installed and runs on your organization’s computer. You decide where your data should be stored. YOSE can be run 100% offline.


Analytics for all skill levels

Investigators and analysts of all skill levels can use our solutions thanks to an easy to use and intuitive interface.


Solves time-consuming tasks

With the Paliscope platform, you can solve various time-consuming tasks and use your time efficiently.

System requirements


Minimum requirements

OS: Windows 8.1, 64-bit
Memory: 16 GB
Processor: Multi-core
Graphics: Hardware acceleration


Recommended requirements

OS: Windows 10 or later, 64-bit
Memory: 32 GB
Processor: Multi-core (Core i5 or better)
Graphics: GeForce RTX 30-series