No security posture is complete without a robust and experienced digital forensics team that can analyse intrusions and collaborate with your legal, governance, law enforcement, IT and human resource teams. In addition to gaining access to high quality technical services, a partnership with CDFS also means connectedness with product and expert communities in the digital forensics arena.

Strategic Consulting

Risk Analysis

We review and analyse an organisation’s electronic discovery risk and design strategies to identify, collect, and review data in a cost effective and legally defensible manner.

Information Governance

We collect and review electronic information as part of a security program to protect against personnel misconduct, misappropriation of corporate assets, and other regulatory violations.

Technical Mentoring

While CDFS holds the key role in most consulting projects, it is also involved in cases where the majority of work is performed by the client’s internal resources. Our team participates as needed and contributes resources and in-depth analytical, technical and managerial knowledge to the project – by reviewing project plans and schedules, optimising models, maintaining best practice & standards, and recommending methodologies. Through this form of engagement, clients minimise the pitfalls and common mistakes that often accompany digital forensic and investigative work.

Digital Forensics & eDiscovery

Digital Forensic Services

We provide high quality and efficient Digital Forensic services for the identification, preservation and analysis of electronic evidence, case assistance, through to search warrant reporting and court presentation. Our team takes an integrated approach to Digital Forensics and eDiscovery to unearth information that would otherwise been missed if a singular approach was applied.

We also create bespoke preparation and response solutions help organisations tackle their digital forensic and investigative challenges, including establishing and/or augmenting their existing capabilities and know-how.

Managed Services (DFMS)

Gain on-demand access to our team of experienced Digital Forensic and Investigative practitioners as well as our suite of tools and lab infrastructure through our Managed Services.

Process digital evidence quickly and efficiently by accessing our resources and support capabilities at “frontline”, “advanced” and “strategic” tiers.