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Oxygen Forensic Detective extracts data from drones!

Oxygen Forensic have updated their Detective product to version 9.6 introducing drone support (they specify DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Inspire 1, but it may be others as well), as well as improvements to cloud extractor and “bypass screen lock on a greater variety of Motorola devices and supports simultaneous Android data extraction”.


AXIOM Cloud Q&A with Tayfun Uzun: Part 1

We had the opportunity to sit down with Tayfun Uzun, Product Manager here at Magnet Forensics, to understand the issues that the cloud represents and how AXIOM Cloud will tackle them. In part one, we discuss the industry and the impact of could data in general.


Case Management: Changing Details in a Case

Insight’s case management system has been created to help users efficiently keep track of hard drive-related information. Even if a hard drive has already been used for a while, imaging and hashing have already been performed, it is still possible to open the case and make adjustments to its details.


The Past and Future of iCloud Acquisition

In today’s world, everything is stored in the cloud. Your backups can be stored in the cloud. The “big brother” knows where you had lunch yesterday and how long you’ve been there. Your photos can back up to the cloud, as well as your calls and messages. Finally, your passwords are also stored online – at least if you don’t disable iCloud Keychain. Let’s follow the history of Apple iCloud, its most known hacks and our own forensic efforts.