Amped Authenticate Update 26549 – Find Out More!

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Amped Authenticate update 26549: find out more!


November is on the go and so is Amped by introducing a new release of Amped Authenticate.

With this update we introduce face GAN Deepfake detection, updated social media identification database, and much more.

Check the news out here below:

The main news in this Authenticate release:

1. Face GAN Deepfake detection!

We are glad to announce the first entirely deepfake-dedicated filter in Amped Authenticate. The new Face GAN Deepfake filter localizes faces in an image and checks whether each face is natural or synthesized by a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). GAN-created faces are ubiquitous and extremely hard to spot by the naked eye. They are often used to create fake IDs and social profiles, or they can be used to replace someone’s face in a picture.

2. Updated Social Media Identification database

A thorough image authenticity analysis cannot be oblivious to whether the investigated image comes from a Social Media Platform, which is what the Social Media Identification filter allows you to detect.

Since SMPs continuously change their processing rules, it is crucial to update the reference database. For this reason, we include a significant update in this release: we have gathered original images from iOS and Android devices and uploaded them to SMPs to include the most recent signatures in the database. Moreover, we’ve added the Facebook Messenger platform to the database, which was not present before.

3. Added alignment lines and snapping to Annotations

Making powerful and neat annotations is now even easier with Authenticate.
When drawing or moving any annotation object, magenta alignment lines appear when you’re aligned to existing objects or frame landmarks.

Moreover, there’s a new snapping feature that makes aligning objects super-fast. You can always turn off snapping by holding the ALT key.

Detailed Changelog

  • New Filter: Face GAN Deepfake, detects faces in the image and classifies each face as Real or Fake (GAN-generated deepfake).
  • Social Media Identification: added the Messenger social media platform and added more than 960 new signatures to the database.
  • Annotate: now visual hints and snapping assist the user in aligning annotations.
  • PRNU Identification: now it is possible to create a CRP from a folder containing vertical-oriented images only.
  • VPF Double Encoding Detection: reduced memory consumption, improved aborting system.
  • Added a new sample to the Samples folder (“deepfake”).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong scientific reference to be presented in the report for some filters; references in the program manual were instead correct.

Watch out for all detailed information of this release on our blog post here!

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