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The ADF Solutions team is delighted to announce a software update for Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI), Triage-Investigator® and Triage-G2®.

Current ADF customers can now download the installer for ADF software versions 1.3.1 or 4.3.1 at www.adfsolutions.com/downloads:

Software Updates for versions 1.3.1 and 4.3.1 include:

  • Manage situation when scan result folder is manually renamed
  • Improve application startup performance when scan result folder contains lots of data
  • Containers referenced by artifact records are now processed
  • Restored automatic software upgrade on connected workstations
  • Keep Preview window on top of the application
  • Use same file identification method for files and containers
  • Corrected PhotoDNA digest computation
  • Improved parsing of thumbnail cache databases
  • Fixed rare situation where Collection Key was added as a scan target


  • Highly configurable artifact and file collection including social media, P2P, bitcoin, cloud storage, user login events, anti-forensic tools, saved credentials and files shared via Skype
  • Able to investigate live powered on computers, dead powered off computers, forensic images, the contents of folders and network shares (including shares made available by NAS devices)
  • Rapidly search suspect media using large hash sets (>30 million), including Project VIC and CAID
  • Automatic tagging of hash and keyword matches, linking of files with artifacts, and time zone detection
  • Powerful keyword and regular expression search capability to find relevant files and artifacts
  • Search and collect emails including Windows Mail 10
  • Ability to define new file types and select individual ones to be processed
  • Display provenance, including comprehensive metadata, of all relevant files and artifacts
  • Comprehensive video preview and frame extraction
  • Recover images from unallocated drive space
  • A unique timeline that combines files and artifact records, with a user’s actions into a single view
  • Process NTFS, FAT, HFS+, EXT, ExFAT and YAFFS2 file systems
  • Powerful reporting capabilities (HTML and CSV)
  • Portable standalone viewer to easily share results with others (i.e., prosecutors or other investigators)
  • Out-of-the-box imaging capabilities
  • 64-bit architecture delivers high performance and scalability
  • Powerful booting capability (including UEFI secure boot and Macs) provides access to internal storage that cannot easily be removed from computers
  • Ram Capture capability
  • Detect and warn of BitLocker and FileVault2 protected drives
  • Decrypt and scan or image BitLocker volumes including those using the new AES-XTS encryption algorithm introduced in Windows 10
  • Collect protected and corrupted files for later review