Arsenal Recon News Update

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What’s new in Registry Recon?

Registry Recon v2.2.2.0065 Beta contains improvements to Bookmarks & mounting/dismounting forensic images.

What’s new in Hibernation Recon?

Hibernation Recon v1.1.0.68 Beta includes support for processing Windows 10 v1809 (October 2018 Update) hibernation files. Don’t forget that Hibernation Recon’s “Free Mode” is quite powerful & should be part of every digital forensics practitioner’s toolkit!

What’s new in Arsenal Image Mounter?

Arsenal Image Mounter v2.6.40 Beta includes minor GUI improvements. If AIM is useful to you, please talk to your organization about sponsoring more “Free Mode” functionality which will benefit the #DFIR community. You can learn more at

What’s new in Arsenal’s CLI tools, HiveRecon and HbinRecon?

HiveRecon v1.0.0.48 Alpha includes improved Registry hive extraction from hibernation & crash dumps as well as decompression of compressed hive bins. HbinRecon v1.0.0.35 Alpha includes key path reconstruction (Mode 0 only) and UserAssist hive bin hunting. You can learn more at