Atola Insight Forensic 4.13 Update

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Atola is excited to inform you that the latest software release of Atola Insight Forensic has arrived and it features a number of new capabilities for Insight customers, namely:

  • NVMe drive support via QNINE NVMe-to-USB adapter
  • revamped connectivity for networks with multiple DiskSense units
  • and other great features

NVMe support

Insight now supports NVMe drives with the help of QNINE NVMe USB Enclosure based on JMS583 chip. It is a third-party adapter that has been tested by our QA team which can be purchased on Amazon or from other retailers.

The speed of imaging is limited by the adapter’s data transfer rate and constitutes up to 300 MB/sec.

Revamped DiskSense unit connectivity

For the users who have multiple Insights in their network, we have improved the connectivity process. In the DiskSense unit Selection window, click the device you need and the LED indicators on the front panel of the unit you selected will start blinking, thus helping you to identify the unit. A unit’s hostname in the table is easily adjustable in the settings.

Now DiskSense has a new setting that allows an external DHCP server (either a router, the computer to which Insight is connected directly or a local server module) to assign a dynamic IP address on demand.

The dynamic IP mode is available in Insight > Modify DiskSense Unit IP menu.

Other features


  • New Power cycles and Power on hours values indices in the readable format above SMART table
  • Added many vendor-specific attribute names making SMART table more informative

Case management:

  • E01 image details are added to the imaging report
  • If source case data is specified, Insight automatically fills target E01 file details with it

Enable source device check option. When the option is disabled, source device check before imaging start is replaced with a question in a message box.


  • UnsupportedOperationException when attempting to start selective head imaging with some models of Toshiba drives
  • Several errors when ‘Sector list from file’ selected as What to Image option
  • Formatting of WD USB Smartware drives as Image File on Target container didn’t work
  • SMART temperature graph missing after the case is exported and then imported
  • 2 articles were missing in the offline manual (F1)