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Axxera is pleased to announce the launch of our new 4n6 Workstation for Digital Forensic Labs.

4N6 Workstations, was developed to aid smaller digital forensic labs and individual investigators with their integration of different forensic tools in a single console.

At a lower Price point, 4n6 Workstation can take care of all the needs of managing Digital Forensic data using Case management, Reporting and automatic integration with Forensic tools as it will help them manage all their Digital Forensic workflow in one centralized portal.

4N6 Director / Manager was developed with a forward vision of an ever-expanding digital forensic market.
 With a need of the integration of different forensic tools in single console, Axxera Engineers have developed a custom solution for this problem. 4N6 manages all Digital Forensic tools in one centralized portal designed specifically for the public and private sectors as well as law enforcement agencies.

4N6 is able to be deployed all over the world and can integrate with virtually every available forensic tool in today’s market (ex. Magnet Forensics, Nuix, Guidance, Black Box, Access Data, Oxygen, Susteen, etc.).



Forensic Services

  • Centralized Portal/Console
  • Evidence Data Management
  • Data at Rest Encryption
  • Correlation and Search Engine
  • Integrated Case Management System


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