Belkasoft Evidence Center 2018 v.9.0 Is Coming!

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Belkasoft v.9.0 Is Coming!

The Belkasoft team is working hard to meet the end-March deadline for the release of the version 9.0 of BEC 2018. Among improvements in this version are:

  • Completely redone reporting, much quicker and more robust
  • x64 version for electronic license owners (before it was only available with dongle licenses)
  • Carving results deduplication
  • Project Vic and Photo DNA integration
  • Oxygen OFB files support
  • Text recognition for 50 more additional languages (used to be Latin and Cyrillic letters only)
  • Mac OS system configuration analysis
  • Many new mobile and computer apps, bugfixes and performance improvements.

This is just a fraction of what will be included into v.9.0, so stay tuned and wait a couple of weeks for the official release of Belkasoft’s leading mobile, computer and cloud forensics tool.

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There are many improvements in v.9.0 of Belkasoft Evidence Center (BEC) 2018 so if you’d like to keep updated with the software, please sign up for a webinar conducted by Belkasoft’s CEO Yuri Gubanov.

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