CDFS Products News – November 2017

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  • Vladimir Katalov at Elcomsoft discusses the major issues with getting into a locked iPhone, the lengthy history of iOS security and forensics, and covers Apple’s 2FA implementation

  • There were a number of articles by the Magnet Forensics team this month

  • Victoria Berry interviewed Tayfun Uzun on the Cloud product and how it integrates with Axiom.

  • Christa Miller wrote an article on taking the stand in a trial, particularly surrounding presenting yourself when opposing counsel asks questions

  • Christa miller wrote a couple of articles on being forensically curious (part 1, part 2)

  • Christa also interviewed Jamie McQuaid and Jessica Hyde on the benefits of researching in digital forensics

  • SalvationData have uploaded a video on the disk imaging function of the VIP DVR Forensics tool.

  • Atola Technology have shared their Insight manual online

  • Paraben, along with Avairy Solution, have announced Paraben Training Academy. They also released a few videos: E3 Platform Using Cloud Import Wizard and E3 Platform OCR Data Analysis.

  • Johann Hofmann at Griffeye explains the new features coming in Analyze Di Pro.

  • AccessData announced that they have an implementation of AD Lab on Amazon Web Services.

  • SalvationDATA have posted a case study on recovering footage from a fire damaged DVR system.

  • Yulia Samoteykina at Atola Technology shares a presentation by Derek Frawley and John Farrugia from the 2017 Techno Security and Digital Forensics Conference titled “Streamlined Child Exploitation Investigations”

  • Nuix uploaded a number of videos: Responding Efficiently to Major Data Breaches, The Trojan Within, Insurance Claim Demo Part 1

  • Paraben Corporation shared a video showing how to use their mobile case comparer function in E3 Universal and DS. They also have a blog post explaining why you might want to do this.

  • Magnet Forensics have uploaded Kevin Harth and Jamie McQuaid’s presentation on case management using Magnet Atlas.

  • Oleg Afonin at Elcomsoft explains how Google Prompt affects a user’s security compared with Apples 2FA. He then provides the steps to acquire a Google account protected with Google Prompt using Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer.

  • Belkasoft have a post explaining that “the updated Forensic Toolkit (FTK) v.6.3 integrates Belkasoft-made analytics core”

  • SalvationData provided an overview of the 3rd International Workshop on Digital Crime and Forensics where they attended and presented some research.

  • Jessica Hyde at Magnet Forensics has written a fairly comprehensive blogpost on ways to share in digital forensics.

  • Yulia Samoteykina at Atola Technology shows how to calculate segmented hashes of a damaged drive using the Atola Insight.

  • Johann Hofmann at Griffeye discusses the need for automation and integration between software vendors.

Software Updates
  • CRU released version of their Forensic Software Utility for Windows. This version adds support for the v5.5 line of ultradocks.

  • Elcomsoft released version 3 of their Advanced Intuit Password Recovery tool, and version 2.0 of Cloud Explorer.

  • Evimetry 3.0.5 was released with some fixes and improvements.

  • AccessData has released “AD Lab 6.3 and FTK 6.3 [which features] parsing of new file types, innovative job management tools and more flexible processing options.”

  • GetData updated Mount Image Pro to version to fix a bug.

  • Tableau have released a new firmware update (v7.20). “This release includes firmware updates for the TX1 Forensic Imager, the Forensic Universal Bridge model T356789iu, and an update to the TFU utility.”

  • ACELab have released new PC-3000 Flash software Ver. 7.1.1.

  • Blackbag Technologies have released Blacklight 2017 R1 adding a variety of new features including support for EML files, exporting media to LACE, C4ALL, and Project Vic, as well as parsing recent items from newer versions of OSX.

  • Blackbag also released Mobilyze 2017 R1.1

  • CRU have released Forensic Software Utility v3.1, USB 3.0 WriteBlocker Driver v1.1, and Ditto/Ditto DX 2017Sep20a.

  • Elcomsoft released EIFT (Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit) version 2.40.

  • SalvationDATA have released SPA “(SmartPhone Forensic Triage Acquisition) of mobile forensics”, and DRS Preview, which is “the software version of DRS (Data Recovery System).” They also updated VIP (Video Investigation Portable) to version, and SPF to V3.63.15.0.

  • CRU have released the new Ditto Shark, and Network Tap Module.

  • X-Ways Forensics 19.4 SR-7 and 19.5 SR-1 were released.

  • Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.1 was released, which allows investigators to utilise the Anisette data on a suspect computer to bypass 2FA. Oleg Afonin explains the process in this article.

  • Paraben have updated their E3 platform to version 1.5.

  • GetData updated Forensic Explorer to version with a variety of new enhancements and features

  • Oxygen Forensic Detective was updated to version 10.0.1, improving data collection from the WhatsApp server, and “also allows selecting a time period for data export and improves video files detection”.