Cellebrite Enhances Digital Intelligence Portfolio

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Cellebrite Introduces Major Upgrades Across Digital Intelligence Portfolio to Help Law Enforcement Combat Major Public Safety Threats

Upgrade to end-to-end digital platform includes major new features for UFED Ultimate, UFED Pro Series, and Cellebrite Analytics that transform investigative workflows to accelerate time to evidence.

Cellebrite is pleased to announce an extensive upgrade to our suite of Digital Intelligence solutions. These enhancements are aimed at helping law enforcement access, analyze and act on digital evidence as quickly as possible to solve cases relevant to major public safety issues—such as homicide, terrorism, organized crime, border security and crimes against children. With agencies under pressure to reduce crime using existing resources, leveraging digital evidence more efficiently and earlier in the investigative process is more critical than ever. By providing teams with wider access to richer data, Cellebrite continues to change the way law enforcement leverages digital evidence and is the only vendor that provides agencies with an end-to-end solution for turning data into action.

The newest generation of Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence suite of products include key advancements that will help examiners perform comprehensive extraction, decoding, and case review in the lab, while providing key insights into digital data intuitively and quickly to investigators and prosecutors. Highlights and additions to Cellebrite solutions include:

Cellebrite Analytics:

A revamped user interface with more intuitive navigation empowers less technical users to easily leverage dense digital evidence to build customizable reports in support of a larger narrative.

UFED Ultimate:

Access more data from more sources with complimentary public cloud extraction and new automatic EDL and Smart ADB lock bypass and physical extraction capabilities.

UFED Pro Series:

Provides enhanced analysis capabilities to expedite analysis and case review using data from a range of digital sources including public social media, private cloud and mobile applications.