Cellebrite’s UFED News Update

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Cellebrite’s latest technology innovations converge physical data with the virtual, for better and faster discovery of critical evidence

What’s new in UFED and UFED Physical Analyzer 7.10?

Introducing the Virtual Analyzer, an industry unique emulator to display forensically sound digital evidence from +3M Android apps.

This new capability enables you to view mobile device data in its original application form to allow for easier comprehension and sharing of findings with peers and juries using powerful visual reports.

Exclusive access to evidence from locked and encrypted low to mid-end Samsung devices with Qualcomm chipsets

The devices include: J3(J327P, J327VL), J7 (J727V, J727P) & A9 (A9100, A9000). Chipsets include: 8917, 8937, 8953 & 8976.

New EDL method enables easy access to data, via USB, from LG devices

Confirmed LG models based on the 8909, 8916, 8936, 8939, 8952 Qualcomm chipsets.

Enrich digital evidence with public cloud data from social media networks

With this complimentary capability in UFED Physical Analyzer you can uncover user profile data and public content from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, pertaining to a person of interest. To gain a full picture of the investigation you can now extract, preserve and analyze additional private cloud data using the UFED Cloud Analyzer, add-on module. Click here for more information.

What’s new in UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.4?

Cryptocurrency app Coinbase: Reducing anonymity of Bitcoin

Now you can follow the digital money trail with this first-to-market capability that extracts data from the Coinbase app to uncover a user’s Bitcoin transaction data.

Access backup data from Viber, the call and messaging app

As messaging apps continue to expand their features, it has become increasingly important to gain access to not only locally stored information on the mobile device, but also to the backup data.

Uncover web browser passwords from computers with the PC Collector

For password acquisition and utilization, the Cloud Analyzer adds web browser password collection to its PC Collector functionality.