What’s new in EnCase Mobile Investigator 1.03

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The most comprehensive mobile forensics solution on the market has arrived from the leader in digital forensics. EnCase Mobile Investigator augments the mobile acquisition capabilities of EnCase Forensic with the ability to intuitively view, analyze, and report on critical mobile evidence that is relevant to their case. With mobile-first workflows, in-depth evidence analysis, and flexible report generation, investigators can feel confident in their results.


This latest release delivers a host of new mobile acquisition enhancements. Guidance recommends that all customers upgrade to this latest release in order to have the best overall product experience and receive the latest fixes. Some of the changes also include:

  • Added Mobile Data Triage for cases acquired from Android, iPhone, and iPhone backups
  • Acquisition improvements to the Android file system
  • Ability to import iCloud backups
  • Application data parsing from Firefox and WeChat on Android devices
  • Improvements to WhatsApp data parsing
  • Performance enhancements to the Mobile Data Excel report generation
  • Ability to bookmark content in the Mobile Data Review report

The Broadest Support of Mobile Devices & Operating Systems

Investigators can now rely on the gold standard in digital forensics to collecting and analyze evidence from the widest variety of mobile devices. With continuous updates to mobile operating systems, the most popular apps, and the broadest mobile device support, augmented by powerful investigation features, EnCase Mobile Investigator stands out from the pack — empowering examiners to find, analyze, and report on the evidence they need to close their case.

Uncover All Evidence

When a mobile acquisition is completed with EnCase Forensic, use EnCase Mobile Investigator to:

  • Easily view acquired mobile evidence in detail
  • Add evidence to new or existing case
  • Investigate SQLite Database Data and PLists
  • Perform in-depth content analysis and find regular expression data
  • Find, extract, and analyze data within graphic files with OCR
  • Quickly generate customized reports
  • + Much more
Unrivaled Access

Many devices that investigators faced with are either locked or contain a password. EnCase Mobile Investigator empowers the investigator by offering several built-in bypass functions for select phones so that no evidence within a device can be hidden and unable to access.