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Partners can now download the installer for ADF software versions and products before anyone else! This information will be shared publicly on January 21, 2020.

  • Mobile Device Investigator version 2.1.0 (New!)
  • Digital Evidence Investigator version 2.1.0 and version 2.1.0 PRO
  • Triage-Investigator version 5.1.0 and version 5.1.0 PRO (New!)
  • Triage-G2 version 5.1.0 and version 5.1.0 PRO (New!)


  • Simple multi-workstation deployment with a single configuration file
  • Improved artifact capture (Android application usage, Instagram for iOS, Grindr for iOS)
  • Automatically encrypt backup to collect protected data (MDI: iOS devices)
  • Recover deleted records from apps using the SQLite database
  • Enter keywords just before a live/boot scan
  • Prepare a Collection Key without Search Profiles to select Captures just before a scan (DEI &TG2)
  • Prepare a Collection Key with preconfigured or custom Search Profiles (DEI & TG2)