How to Prepare a Digital Evidence Collection Key (CKY)

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Anyone who is charged with a “knock and talk” or executing a search warrant knows that the ability to overcome and adapt on-scene is vital to a successful outcome. This is what drove ADF to empower investigators to be able to create a digital evidence Collection Key (CKY). 

Armed with a properly configured Collection Key, you will be well prepared to speed your investigation with a focus on the digital evidence that is most relevant to your case. Of course, digital forensic examiners always have the ability to create a Custom Search Profiles with unique keywords and hashes, artifact captures, and file captures, allowing you to be prepared for your task at hand. But what happens when an interview is conducted and new information comes to light? You may need to alter your keywords on-scene. 

ADF software allows investigators to select any captures they want to run and add keywords right from the Collection Key. Adapt and Overcome for the best digital evidence! 

In this 4 minute step by step, How To video, our Digital Forensic Specialist and Trainer, Rich Frawley shows you how to prepare a Collection Key.

When creating a Collection Key investigators have the ability to create a Collection Key with or without predefined search profiles. They also have the ability to select the specific captures they want to run just before the scan. When selecting the option No Predefined Search Profiles, the Collection Key is prepared with the Capture Groups and Captures in place of the Predefined Search Profiles. 

Investigators also have the ability to create a Collection Key with the predefined Search Profiles. In order to do so requires two separate Collection Keys: one with and one without Search Profiles. With both collection keys you have the ability to add keywords just before starting the scan. This along with the ability to run multiple scans simultaneously with one license will ensure that your on-scene time is spent wisely.

Watch: Creating a Search Profile in DEI PRO

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