Magnet Forensics released Axiom 2.2

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New Axiom was released recently – version 2.2

With new ways to recover evidence from smartphones and the cloud, improvements to memory analysis, and even faster performance in AXIOM and Magnet.AI, Magnet AXIOM 2.2 is the best place to start to get more evidence faster.

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In Summary, new features include:

Physical acquisition and password bypass for Android devices with MTK Chipsets

– AXIOM 2.2 introduces a new technique to bypass passwords and acquire a full physical image from Android devices that use MediaTek chipsets — covering 30 chipsets and over 1500 devices from multiple manufacturers.

Magnet A.I. – Find Relevant Chat & Picture Evidence Faster

–  Magnet A.I. was enhanced in AXIOM 2.0 to help better prioritize your time in an investigation by uncovering potential drug, weapon, nudity and CSAM images faster than with a manual review.

– With AXIOM 2.2, Magnet.AI will now scan any artifact that contains image data, including chat and email attachments, web cache data and video thumbnails.

– On top of the new capabilities, there are also significant performance enhancements to speed up the Magnet.AI image classification with internal testing showing speeds of up to 3 times faster than at launch. Magnet.AI also now supports NVIDIA GPU hardware, which will further increase the image classification speed by 2x.

Enhanced Memory Analysis

– Examiners can now export key memory analysis evidence like process executables, DLLs, process memory and VADs into other tools for further analysis — which are automatically hashed by AXIOM.

– New profiles for x64 and x86 Windows 10 build 17134, giving you the option to perform memory analysis on the latest Windows 10 software builds.

AXIOM Examine Performance Improvements

– Significant performance improvements in AXIOM Examine for case open time, content load time, time to apply stacked filters, time to add/remove a tag, and etc.

AXIOM Process Features

– You can now load UFD files as a single source in AXIOM Process

Windows Artifacts Update

– OpenOffice[Windows and OS X]: Support parsing and carving for OpenOffice Writer, OpenOffice Calc, OpenOffice Impress.

– Zoom[Windows]: Decrypt Zoom user account to fully recover conversation information.

– OneDrive[Windows]: Update carving support to recover the list of synchronized/backup up files and their locations on the user’s computer.

– Videos: Updated carving support for QuickTime videos.

Mobile Artifacts Update

– WeChat[iOS]: Recovery nicknames and usernames of all chat participants.

– Gmail[Android]: Support carving to recover deleted emails.

– Google Maps[Android]: Support recovering Google Maps information including saved locations, searched locations, and more.

– Skype[Android and iOS]: Updated parsing support for group chat details and contacts.

Cloud Artifacts Update

– Google Takeout: With AXIOM 2.2, you can now ingest the following new artifacts: My Activity, Chrome Bookmarks, Gmail, Location History and Google Hangouts from the zip file generated from a Google Takeout.

Fixed Issues

– If you clicked the Home button in AXIOM Examine and then tried to use the Artifacts filter, no options appeared, even if there were artifacts to filter.

– When you set the language in AXIOM Examine to Japanese and you tried to use the Date filter, an error appeared.

– If you attempted to scan a drive with encrypted partitions using the “Connected drive” option, AXIOM Process crashed.

– Sometimes, when a portable case was being opened, the program would crash.

– If you set the language to Traditional Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, right-clicked a picture, and selected “Sort by” > “File Name,” the options were listed in English.