Magnet Forensics released Axiom 3.3

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Magnet AXIOM 3.3 Now Supports Snapchat and Facebook Warrant Returns

AXIOM Cloud can now ingest and analyze warrant returns from Snapchat to help shed light on a person’s online persona—allowing you to recover messages, group chat details, and all media files.

AXIOM 3.3 also brings support for a new format of HTML file-based warrant returns from Facebook in combination with an older, previously-support format.

Magnet AXIOM 3.3 is available for download now. 

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SIM Card Imaging and Processing

AXIOM 3.3 now allows you to recover information stored on SIM cards, such as contacts and any SMS messages in addition to a number of artifacts, including unique ones like Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) and International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI.)

LG Lock Bypass Support

You will now be able to bypass the lock screen on certain LG-based devices and perform an acquisition of the device without needing the passcode.  ​

Keep in mind that this method will not work with all LG devices—particularly LG Nexus devices.

Media Categorization Enhancements

The last few releases have seen enhancements to media categorization within AXIOM, and AXIOM 3.3 is no exception. A few enhancements in AXIOM 3.3 include:  

  • The same media category is automatically applied to other media items that have the matching hashes — keeping you from duplicating the work or being exposed to the same content again​
  • A media categorization summary report is available (in HTML and PDF) and will include the number of unique hashes in each category, helping you determine how many illegal images are found in the case

Performance Improvements

AXIOM 3.3 is optimized to perform faster with large data sets. You should see a significant gain in performance when doing case load, searching, filtering, and sorting. ​

New Artifacts

  • QuickTime Player (macOS)
  • Real Player (Windows)
  • Verizon Messages (Android)
  • Glide (iOS & Android)
  • (Android)

Updated Artifacts

  • SMS/MMS (Android)
  • Instagram (Android)
  • Twitter (Android)
  • Chrome (iOS & Android)
  • Telegram (iOS)
  • Skype (Windows 10)
  • KnowledgeC (iOS)
  • TikTok (Android)
  • Significant Locations (iOS)