Mobilyze Update


Mobilyze 2018 R1, BlackBag’s mobile forensic solution,  includes new features and improvements that support popular communication applications including WeChat, LINE, and FaceBook Messenger on iOS devices.

Designed for ease of use, Mobilyze allows Examiners of all technical backgrounds to acquire, view and preserve data held on iOS and Android devices and make informed decisions in their mobile forensic cases.

Mobilyze has been updated to include new parsers on iOS device for the following applications:

  • WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose social media mobile application.
  • Line is an application for exchanging texts, images, video and audio.
  • Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service

Many third party applications, like these, have changed and continue to change regularly, which is challenging for mobile forensic investigators to keep up with, which is why we are so pleased to provide these timely updates.