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Vound, a leading global provider of the eDiscoveryforensic search platform, Intella, announces the release of Intella Connect Plus. Intella Connect is a web-enabled browser-based review platform that allows multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter. Released as a new product in the Intella Connectfamily, Connect Plus more than doubles the capacity of Intella Connect while delivering processing power equivalent to industry giants at a fraction of the cost.

Intella Connect is managed and installed on a server in end-user environments, providing end users control as to whether Intella Connect is only accessible on a local network, or if it is hosted on the cloud for access by remote users. With little to no impact to an organizations IT infrastructure, set up of Intella Connect Plus remains at or under 30 minutes with no installation or download required by reviewers, and:

  • Allows multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter
  • Allows reviewers to connect regardless of Connect host server
  • Search Electronically Stored Information (ESI) using only a web browser
  • Simplify review of multi-user cases
  • Deliver improved productivity and workflow
  • Enables a broader range of professionals to undertake document review
  • Works with browsers on both Windows and Apple operating systems.
Some new features of Intella Connect and Intella Connect Plus include:

  • Retrieval of information stored in iCloud accounts.
  • Support for indexing XPS documents and XLSB spreadsheets
  • Content Analysis columns, showing information such as credit card numbers, locations, and the outcome of regular expressions.

Deployed at over 1500 organizations worldwide, Intella lowers an organization’s total cost of ownership for their digital investigation software by reducing processing time of large volumes of data by an average of 80%, providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that reduces training investments and enables a broad range of reviewers to deliver accurate results quickly.

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