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We are excited to announce that MacQuisition 2018 R1.1 has been released! MacQuisition 2018 R1.1 includes important improvements that will help your software run as efficiently as possible. As always, BlackBag recommends users update to the latest version, to ensure their device is functioning properly and has all available fixes.

Learn more about MacQuisition’s Apple File System (APFS) capabilities and additional improvements here.

Top 5 APFS Encryption FAQ’s

Based on how APFS differs from prior Apple and Microsoft file systems, digital investigators will have to adapt their processes and examination techniques; especially with regards to APFS encryption and unallocated space. With the release of BlackBag’s solution for acquiring, decrypting, and processing APFS, our team has fielded numerous questions and received feedback from customers around the world on how to best work with this file system. Read our latest blog to see our top five frequently asked questions about APFS encryption answered by Dr. Joe Sylve, one of our BlackBag forensic experts.