Release of Analyze 18.6

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Griffeye is constantly working for an even more efficient and reliable software suite. So, Griffeye is happy to present the release of Analyze 18.6, which is primarily about quality and maintenance. Griffeye knows how important these are in your line of work, and for them this lays an even stronger foundation to keep building and adding more exciting technologies and features to the platform.

One of the biggest improvements in this release is made to the applied Face Recognition technology in Analyze DI Pro. With a revamped face detection engine, the result is significantly improved detection rates and the possibility to detect faces even in the most complex conditions, such as bad lighting, blurry and noisy streams, as well as faces at an angle. Consequently, you will experience much greater results from recognition as well.

Furthermore, users can now push cases from a workspace directly into CS Operations using Windows credentials. Along with the possibility to search for similar images from Exif thumbnails and log in to Analyze using a single sign-on, this release will hopefully eliminate manual steps in your work and thus save you a lot of time.