Release of Griffeye Analyze 22

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It’s time to transform information from a burden to an asset. Our innovative technology and knowledge-sharing community empower you and your team to work smarter and solve vital cases faster.

Release of Analyze 22

Supporting a new year of better workflows

Our first release of 2022 is here, and it features a number of updates dedicated to removing obstacles from your daily work. Small everyday administrative tasks can add up to a lot of time wasted if the processes involved are inefficient or overcomplicated. With this release, we’ve taken another step forward in streamlining the user experience of key features and processes—and hopefully made your work flow at least a little bit easier.

The Children in the Pictures


Virtual screening of the documentary “The Children in the Pictures” exclusively for Griffeye Analyze users! Stay tuned for more information about the event and how to sign up for it.

The Children in the Pictures takes us inside Task Force Argos, a renowned Australian-based police investigative team, as they go undercover to rescue children from online sexual abuse. From infiltrating global criminal networks to hunting down the world’s worst abusers, the Argos team shines a light on the dark reality of online child sexual abuse and the fight we all face in stopping it.