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X1 Remote collection news


Social Media Screenshots Held Inadmissible Under the Best Evidence Rule
Catch up on the latest industry news and trends with X1’s Next Gen eDiscovery Law & Tech blog. In a recent post, X1’s Chief Legal Officer John @Patzakis expands on an important case concerning social media evidence. Per the Edwards v. Junior State of America Foundation case, the collection of full native social media posts is vital to both that evidence’s authentication and obtaining the full context and substance of the posts under the Best Evidence Rule.Click the link below to read the complete blog to learn more.
X1 Remote collection news



X1 Enterprise v3.9 is Here!
X1 is excited to announce the arrival of X1 Enterprise v3.9 with several new features and enhancements including, streamlining the timing of events for smooth target cancellation, efficiency updates for increased performance, and more. Did you know X1 has implemented a new way to communicate with end-nodes that is massively scalable? Ask us about it! To learn how the X1 Enterprise Platform solution can streamline your eDiscovery workflow. You can  contact us to arrange a product demonstration by clicking the link below, or you can visit the for further information about the product.